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Hotel City Palace, hotel at Dwarka, is a place of Homely Comfort with ECO-Friendly atmosphere. It is one of the luxurious hotels in Dwarka. Dwarkadish Temple, Bus Stand, Shopping Centres are just at walking distance from Hotel City Palace. It is having luxurious AC, Non-AC, Suits. Spacious rooms with attached baths are also available.

We started luxurious hotel with Pakwan Dinning Hall (A/C) in the month of May - 2003 for homely comfort stay and delicious foods and breakfast respectively. The Hotel City Palace, hotel in Dwarka, is centrally located within walking distance of 5 minutes from the main temple of Lord Krishna and 1.5 km from railway station.

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Dwarkadhish Temple

The Dwarkadhish temple, also known as the Jagat Mandir and occasionally spelled Dwarakadheesh (Gujarati: દ્વારકાધીશ મન્દિર; Sanskrit and Hindi: द्वारकाधीश मन्दिर), is a Hindu temple dedicated to the god Krishna, who is worshipped here by the name Dwarkadhish, or 'King of Dwarka'. The main shrine of the 5-storied building, supported by 72 pillars, is known as Jagat Mandir or Nija Mandir, archaeological findings suggest it to be 2,200 - 2,000 years old.

Temple was enlarged in the 15th- 16th century.The Dwarkadhish Temple is a Pushtimarg temple, hence it follows the guidelines and rituals created by Shree Vallabhacharya and Shree Vitheleshnathji.According to tradition, the original temple was believed to have been built by Krishna's grandson, Vajranabha, over the hari-griha (Lord Krishna's residential place). The temple became part of the Char Dham pilgrimage considered sacred by Hindus in India, after Adi Shankaracharya, the 8th century Hindu theologian and philosopher, visited the shrine.

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Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple

According to Shiv Mahapuraan, Brahma (The Creator) and Vishnu (The Preserver) once had a disagreement about which of them was supreme.[2] To test them, Shiva pierced the three worlds as an immeasurable pillar of light, the Jyotirlinga. Vishnu and Brahma parted company to determine the extent of each end of the pillar. Brahma, who had set off upward, lied that he had discovered the upper end of the pillar, but Vishnu, who had gone in the direction of the base of the pillar, admitted that he had not.

Shiva then appeared as a second Jyotirlinga and cursed Brahma, telling him that he would have no place in the ceremonies, though Vishnu would be worshipped until the 'end of eternity'. The Jyotirlinga is the supreme indivisible reality from which Shiva appears. Jyothirlinga shrines commemorate this time when Shiva appeared.

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Rukmanee Mandir

The Rukmini Devi Temple is a temple in Dwarka, 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) away from Dwarka, India. It is dedicated to Rukmini, Krishna’s chief queen. The temple is said to be 2,500 years old but in its present form it is inferred to belong to the 12th century.It is a richly carved temple decorated with sculptures of gods and goddesses on the exterior with the sanctum housing the main image of Rukmini. Carved naratharas (human figures) and carved gajatharas (elephants) are depicted in panels at the base of the tower.

An interesting legend is narrated to justify separate dwelling temples, far away from each other, for Rukmini and her husband Krishna. It is said that at the request of sage Durvasa (who was renowned for his short temper and bestowing curses) Krishna and Rukmini pulled a chariot taking sage Durvasa to their house for dinner. On the way, when Rukmini asked for water to quench her thirst, Krishna drew Ganges water, by prodding the ground with his toe, for her to drink. Rukmini quenched her thirst with the Ganges water. But Durvasa felt insulted as Rukmini did not have the courtesy to offer him water to drink. He, therefore, cursed her that she would live separately from her husband.

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Nageshwar Shiva Temple
13 August - 20 August

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